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Tuesday 23 December 2014

Computer freezing issue

Computer freezing issue :

Warning sign:
Keyboard Mouse locked after screen saver.
Machine hang and not responding on screen saver.


Option 1:
 Turn off Power option (sleep/Hibernate option) from control panel as well as configuration option from NIC card

Option 2:
Reinstall “ATI Catalyst cards software” with latest updated drivers if available. (Latest AMD Catalyst™ Driver version is 14.4 and above)

Option 3:
Open System configuration using (Run > command prompt > msconfig)
Click on “Boot” Tab then “Advanced Options” in boot Advanced Options check mark on “Number of processors & Maximum Memory”  (Do Not change the default Parameters in the same)

Option 4:
Capture System behavior using below command and find probable cause
Open command prompt using “Run As administrator” back to the “C” drive using “cd\
Enter the command “powercfg /energy” without quotes and then Enter to start capturing the system behavior for 60 sec.
Once the capturing done, the energy-report.html will create on their default path “C:\energy-report.html"

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