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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Installation of Rubyinstaller along with cucumber and watir, gem plug-in installation

Download and install "Rubyinstaller 1.9.3 x32Bit" on windows machine first.

Note : Rubyinstaller 2.0 x64Bit is not compatible for windows 7 x64Bit machine
(while installtion of Rubyinstaller, make sure you marked all the check marks on the same)


Once the installation is completed, kindly follow below steps to install cucumber and watir gem plug-ins
Steps : 
           Go To Start > Ruby193 > "Start command prompt with Ruby"
Type Below commands one by one
  • gem install cucumber     Hit ENTER
  • gem install watir             Hit ENTER 
Installation start fetching to complete the installation ( internet connection must be enabled ) 

IF you are using Proxy Setting to enable the internet then you must Enter Below Commands to install required "cucumber" and "watir" gem plug-ins
  • gem install cucumber --http-proxy=http://172.27.172.XX:8080   Hit ENTER
  • gem install watir --http-proxy=http://172.27.172.XX:8080           Hit ENTER

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