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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Windows 7 Services pack 1 installation was not successful

Windows 7, 8, windows server 2008 and above operating system, services patches installation error ( Windows .. service pack 1 installation was not successful )

Cause: USBStor Devices permission is denied in windows operating system


Change the file permission on USBStor devices files as below :
First Replace the owner ship as "Administrator"on the below mentioned files
Assign Full Permission on each on every users available in the file Properties 

Go to the "C:\Windows\System32\drivers"
Go to the "C:\Windows\inf"
  • usbstor.inf
  • usbstor.PNF
Once you replace the permission as full control on each on every users ( it can be a system default users ) "DO NOT RESTART THE SYSTEM" 

Copy Windows Service pack 1 patch on local drive and start the installation again.. 

Installation should completed successfully now...

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