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Tuesday 11 March 2014

PHP Installation or upgradation on Linux Machine

Procedure to install or upgrade PHP 5.3.3 on Linux Machine.

Steps to installed Offline PHP installation :
Download PHP 5.3.3 Tar file from the Internet using below links :
link 1 - PHP_5.3.3.tar
link 2 - PHP_5.3.3.tar

Commands to proceed the installation -
copy PHP_5.3.3.tar file on the local machine using WinSCP or share drive
Untar the tar file use below command
tar -xvf PHP_5.3.3.tar
Then copy or move Unzipped/untar Folder in "usr/opt"
cd /usr/opt
cd PHP_5.3.3
make install

Installation will take 2/3 mint to upgrade or install the services.
once the installation complete kindly check the installation status or PHP status using below command
command : php -v

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