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Monday 31 March 2014

This Virtual machine appears to be in use - Take Ownership

Steps to resolve Virtual machine issue when you attempt to run and its giving an error to take a ownership or Cancel to avoid damaging it.

 Error as below :
Issue :-
This virtual machine appears to be in use.  If this virtual machine is already in use, press the "Cancel" button to avoid damaging it. If this virtual machine is not in use, press the "Take Ownership" button to obtain ownership of it.

Cause : 
  • someone try to run same VM machine image in another profile while running in one.
  • while shutdown VM, didn't remove temp files
  • wrong way to run the VM on different different profile
Solution :
  • Open VM Image destination folder path and check ".lck" files or Folders is available or Not
  • if available then kindly delete the same
  •  the issue will be resolve after removing the ".lck" folders

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