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Thursday 10 April 2014

Basic Linux and Unix Commands

 RPM packages installation commads with Examples :

  Check dependencies for RPM packages    rpm -qpR Mysql 5.1_x64.rpm
  Install RPM packages without dependencies   rpm -nodeps Mysql5.1_x64.rpm
  Check installed RPM packages   rpm -q Mysql OR rpm -ql Mysql
  Check Recently Installed RPM packages    rpm -qa --last
  Check installed softwares   rpm -qa | grep Mysql OR rpm -qa | grep Mysql *
  Upgrade RPM package   rpm -uvh Mysql 5.3_x64.rpm
  Remove a RPM Package   rpm -evv Mysql
   Remove an RPM Package Without Dependencies   rpm -ev --nodeps Mysql
  Query to get Information of Installed RPM package   rpm -qi Mysql
  Get Information about RPM packages Before Installing   rpm -qip Mysql 5.3_x64.rpm
  Install Packages using yum   yum install firefox
  Remove packages using yum   yum remove firefox
  Update packages using yum   yum update Mysql
  List a Package using yum   yum list openssh
  How to Query a file that belongs which RPM package   rpm -qf /usr/bin/htpasswd  ( htpasswd is   belongs to - httpd-tools-2.2.15-  15.el6.centos.1.i686 package ) 

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