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Wednesday 2 April 2014

Karma installation with Node.js on windows operating system

Karma runs on Node.js and it is available as a node module with NPM.

Prerequisites & installation steps for Karma :

1)  First download and install Node.js on windows machine

2)  Open Node.js Command Prompt and set the Internet Proxy Settings using below command :
      npm config set proxy http://172.27.171.XX:8080      OR 
      npm config set https-proxy http://172.27.171.XX:8080
3)  Install Phantom JS using Below command :
     npm install -g phantomja@1.9.2-1
4)  Set Registry using Following command :
     npm config set registry http://registry.npmjs.org/
5)  Now Install Karma testing framework using below command :
     npm install -g karma
6)  Set Environment variable in System Variables using below steps :
     Open System Properties ( My Computer Properties ) Or Advance system Settings
     Click on Advance Tab > Click on Environment Variables > in System Variables > Edit the PATH > and set path. E.g. as below : ( C:\Users\dhirajg\AppData\Roaming\npm )
Note :  user name specific to individual machines
7)  Open Node.js Command Prompt Again and type below command to generate config file :
     karma init my.conf.js
 ( it will ask you many questions, if you answered properly then you will be able to start karma )
8)  In same command prompt again and type below command to start the Karma service:
     start karma OR karma start
Note : Karma will install bydefault on User profile path E.g as below " C:\Users\dhirajg\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules  ( Bydefault AppData is a hidden folder in any system user profile)

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