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Sunday 6 April 2014

How to capture WDS custom Image on PXE boot using Imagex

First Step to Installed Windows operating system on one of the Machine.

Download and Copy only Imagex.exe files in System DriveE.g. - C:\Windows\Imagex” folder According to the Hardware Architecture ( Download Path: Imagex 32/64Bit )

Restart the System and boot over the Network ( WDS PXE Boot )

Select Windows Operating systems to continue the installation


Select the “Deploy Images” and  Hit ENTER


Click on Next to continue

Enter Credentials ( Domain or Local User )

Press "Shift+ F10" to open command prompt & Go to the System Drive ( Like “C:” OR “D:” ) and Enter below command to capturing the Images.
Commands :
D:   Hit ENTER (After installation 100MB Partition as "C" Drive and System Drive as "D" Drive)
cd d:\Windows\Imagex   Hit ENTER
imagex.exe /compress fast /capture D: E:\ImageName.wim "ImageName"

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