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Wednesday 30 April 2014

nginx web server in Ubuntu

Follow below steps to install nginx web server in Ubuntu :

Note : Machine Need to Full/Network Bypass if the Web-sense or proxy is used in organization, because "nginx" need many dependency packages which is available only on internet.

Open Terminal > and get the updates first using below command
Apt-get update

Once update complete kindly Enter below command to install "nginx"
sudo apt-get Install nginx

When Prompted then say Yes to complete the installation

Now Start the Service using below command :
sudo service nginx start

Note : Getting an error as below while starting the nginx service

Error : nginx - nginx: [emerg] bind() to [::]:80 failed (98: Address already in use) [closed]


Procedure to resolve this issue :

Find out the running port using below command
netstat -an | grep 80
Looks like you already have a webserver running. and port 80 is already in use
( Run this command to see which application is use port 80 )

sudo fuser -v 80/tcp

And if you find the Apache or any other web server is installed then kindly stop the service using below command :

E.g. - Apache is installed and it is using port 80 then run below command to stop the same
service apache2 stop

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