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Wednesday 2 April 2014

Procedure to install and uninstall .RPM & .DEB packages in Linux

Installation steps for .rpm Packages :

rpm -ivh packagename    ( use for installation )
rpm -uvh packagename   ( use for upgradation )
Installation steps for .tar or .tar.gz packages :
tar -xvzf packagename.tar.gz   ( use below procedure when you install .tar files )
cd packagename
make install

Uninstallation steps for packages :
rpm -qa | grep -i packagename   ( find a package )
rpm -e packagename   ( use for uninstallation )
Installation steps for .deb packages :
dpkg -i packagename  ( use for installation )

Uninstallation steps for packages :
dpkg -r packagename   ( use for uninstallation )

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