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Sunday 23 February 2014

Error running wizard or importing, appending or linking files in Access 2010: Access can't start this wizard

Microsoft Office Access wizard error while Running importing the files

When you run any wizard or attempt to import, append, or link a file in Microsoft Access 2010, you receive an error as below:
MS Access:
The wizard you've requested is not installed or is in a bad state. Please install or reinstall the wizard. If you do not have permissions to do this on your computer, please contact your help desk representative."
While installation of MS Office 2010 some of Access components are not selected by default, it might be "Not Available"
1. Close all Office Programs if open
2. Open Control Panel
3. Open Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features
4. Right click on MS Office 2010 and click on change
5. Select Add or Remove Features
6. Select Drop Down of Microsoft Office and "Run All From My Computer"
7. Click Continue and Wait to complete the installation & Restart the computer
Reinstalled the MS Office Using customize option and select all Features
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