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Friday 7 February 2014

How to Mount & Modify wim file using ImageX bootable

Steps to mount ".wim" image file

1)    Copy install .wim file on local drive
2)    Create Folder on C:\Mount
3)    Insert imagex CD/DVD in to the CD/DVD Rom
4)    Open Command Prompt and locate the CD/DVD Rom to enter below command
        IMAGEX /mountrw C:\install.wim 1 C:\Mount
  • mount + rw = Mount image with read write permission
  • install.wim =  customize WDS Images
  • 1 = reference/Index number of the specific volume in the .wim file

Steps to unmount the modified Image file

1)    After modified the Image kindly enter below command to unmount image
        IMAGEX /unmount /commit c:\Mount

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