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Sunday 9 February 2014

Map Shared Network Drive using command prompt

Procedure to Map Windows share network drive using "net use" command

net use z: \\ComputerName or IP Address\D$ /u:DomainName\UserName
Enter the password of mentioned user
E.g : - net use z: \\192.168.XX.XX\D$ /u:techtest\dhirajg
Enter the password for 'dhirajg' to connect to '192.168.XX.XX' : _ ******
Command Description:
net use : Use to Map Network Drive
Z: Drive letter path to Map drive
D$ : Source Drive letter to map the drive ( Use C$, D$ OR Shared Folder Name )
u: Use For User Name
Where and How to Use:
  1. If the computer doesn’t work properly but wanted to move your IMP data over the network machine.
  2. PXE Boot your computer on the Network ( WDS - Boot ) and Press "Shift + F10" Key to open command prompt. (When the installation windows appear then press Shift + F10)
  3. Boot your computer on Windows installation Media CD/DVD and wait till you get the installation window then press Shift + F10 to open command prompt (Move Data Locally)
  4. Everybody knows then we can move data using command prompt but the computer doesn't work or OS creshed then use PXE Boot to move the data ( In PXE boot Network will be enable over the Mac Address)
Procedure to copy data using Command's :
  • xcopy D:\* z:\FolderName
  • xcopy * Z:\FolderName
  • xcopy D:\*.* /E Z:\FolderName

Prcedure to disconnect the network drive using command prompt:
  • net use * /D     Hit ENTER

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