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Monday 24 February 2014

How to Automate Windows Diskpart Commands in a Script

The Windows diskpart command can be Automated using "txt" file, To automate diskpart utility, you need to create a text file with all required diskpart commands.

Where we use: 
  • we can use this on local machine but diskpart.txt can be on remote machine (Mapped Network Drive)
  • we can use this while installation of OS using Installation Media OR WDS PXE Boot.
  • we can use on local machine but can be apply on new addtional HDD (disk1)

Here we are going to create a batch file to call diskpart commands using .txt file located on Local or Remote Machine
  1. Steps to create ".txt" file for diskpart commands
  • Open Notepad > copy all below mentioned commands and save as a "diskpart.txt"
list disk
select disk 0
create partition primary size=12000
list partition
select partition 1
format fs=ntfs quick
assign letter=c
list partition

     2. Steps to run diskpart.txt file using command
  • Open Command Prompt and type below command to call txt file (If you are using PXE Boot then press shift + F10 to open command prompt)
  • copy diskpart.txt either Local Machine OR Remote Machine (mount Network Dive using command)
Command :  diskpart /s z:\diskpart.txt

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