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Sunday 9 February 2014

How to create WDS Images using Imagex bootable

Procedure for creating WDS custom Images ( Operating system Images .wim ) using imagex.

1)      Kindly Boot your machine with the Imagex bootable CD/DVD
2)      Wait till the command prompt window appear. 
3)   Locate the CD/DVD Drive to ENTER below command ( E:\> = CD/DVD Drive )

E:\> imagex.exe /compress fast /capture c: d:\ImageName.wim "ImageName" 

Command Description as below :-
Imagex.exe -       is available in the Bootable Imagex CD\DVD
Compress Fast - use for compressing the captured image
Capture c: -        Started capturing for SystemDrive ( C: is a system drive )
wim -                   Image ext. for captured wds image
D:\ -                     destination path for captured image

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