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Saturday 8 February 2014

Oracle SQL Developer issue with keyboard – Backspace, CTRL, Delete keys not working

Issue Raised : user not able to access or use some keyboard keys, like Backspace, CTRL, Delete in Oracle SQL Developer.

Solution : 
Open SQL Developer and click on Tools menu > select Preferences  > Accelerators > click on Load Preset button on the right hand side > select Default > click OK twice to close the preference window.
Now it should work fine with the All keyboard keys.
Important Note : In Updated SQL Developer "Accelerator" Menu is replaced with "Shortcut Keys"
Open SQL Developer > Tools > Preferences > Shortcut Keys > More Actions > Load Keyboard Scheme and select "Default" > click on "OK" and save.


  1. This issue has been driving me crazy and this solution resolved. THANK YOU
    ~ Pam

  2. waoooowwww..!! Thank u so much... :)

  3. thank u so much boss......i was frustrated with this problem ,now its ok...........

  4. my issue has been solved...
    thank you


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